Hard of hearing since birth,  subtitles being available on TV played an important role in being one of many things that helped me cope in a hearing world (and still does today).  Most popular programmes had subtitles and so I didn’t miss a single word of what was being said – brilliant – better than real life!   This is just one example of how subtitles have had a positive influence on my life.  People at school also wondered why I knew all the lyrics to songs in the charts – the reason – I always watched  Top Of The Pops (bring that show back please BBC) with the subtitles on! My point here is that same language subtitles in my mind isn’t always just a resource for the deaf or hard of hearing – ever sung at karaoke? The words you sing along to are a form of subtitling too, and sometimes subtitles can used in creative ways for entertainment and to educate.  I hope to share such observations on this blog.

I live in London, England and work in the broadcast industry though sadly my role is not directly involved in subtitling  (unless someone reading this wants to offer me one!).  Outside of work and this blog, I’m a bit of geek and love my pop culture – especially comics, films, and plays.  I love travelling – especially trips to New York so if anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket… 😉