Continue? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. 

Something I have yet to cover on this blog, a form of media that generates millions of $$$. Gaming. Now I must admit my gaming days were much more active in my youth. I was the proud owner of the original Nintendo Gameboy and later the Sega Mega Drive. Currently I own a Nintendo DS but my cash is rarely spent on it – I just continually play Tetris.

Anyway, gaming has moved on in recent years and with better audio and graphics, some game elements have been audio only – this audio requires translation. If it is subtitled no problem for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Gaming too has it’s own funny #subtitlefail! ‘s particularly for translations:

“Conglaturation!!! You have completed a great game. And prooved the justice of our culture. Now go and rest our heroes! “ (Ghostbusters)
“All your base are belong to us.” (Zero Wing)
“A Winner Is You.“ (Pro Wrestling)
“Congratulations. This story is a happy end.” (Ghosts N’ Goblins)
“Being the wise and courageour knight that you are you feel strongth welling in your body.” (Ghosts N’ Goblins)
“Destroy the mother brain the mechanical life vein.” (Metroid)
“See your face upon the clean water. How dirty! Come! Wash your face!” (Final Fantasy I)
“Somebody set up us the bomb.” (Zero Wing)
“Do not be angry each other, love is the power supreme.” (Samurai Showdown 2)
”All creature will die.” (Samurai Showdown 2)
“You invaders get you the hot bullets of shotgun to die” (Battle Rangers)
“Take Joe to the exit while avoid spikes! While you are magnetised, the neighbour magnetic cells attract you!” (Magnetic Joe)

SOURCE: EVS Translations

If the audio dialogue is only redubbed for non-English language countries – that can cause a lack of enjoyment if vital information is only provided through auditory means. Thankfully the internet is a wonderful resource and this post is because I wanted to point you in the direction of Deaf Gamers. This is a fantastic site which reviews games with a view to how accessible it is via subtitling and/or other means if required for the game. The site covers games for multiple platforms that includes Playstation, XBox, Wii etc. And everyone should also visit Game Accessibility if only for greater awareness. I must admit it is not something I had thought about myself until discovering such resources.

To finish this post – here’s a video a reader of this blog pointed me too.  This is the credits to the video game Portal.  It runs subtitles in sync with the audio/lyrics and is a nice example of creative subtitling:

Edit: If you wish game developers would consider the need for captions more frequently than is currently done, you may wish to sign this online petition addressed to games developers:

Captions and subtitles in video games and PC games

Edit 2: If you are interested in gaming accessibility take note: The International Conference on Translation and Accessibility in Video Games and Virtual Worlds takes place in Barcelona Dec 2nd and 3rd:

The I International Conference on Translation and Accessibility in Video Games and Virtual Worlds aims to be an interdisciplinary meeting point for all those interested in the fields of game localisation and accessibility, as well as accessibility and the role of translation in virtual worlds. This pioneering conference aims at laying the foundations for future studies in these areas, become a discussion forum where industry and academia meet and promote interdisciplinary research.

SOURCE: The International Conference on Translation and Accessibility in Video Games.

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