Access 2020 – Languages & The Media 2014

Access 2020 was an interesting panel hosted by Alex Varley at the 10th Languages & The Media conference. The theme was for the panel to discuss what they thought media access might look like in 2020.

Although it is difficult to summarise all of the discussions, Media Access Australia have written a summary of 20 highlights. Below is my two-cents.

  • Broadcasters have to start to think what is their role?  The industry still need content producers which broadcasters are likely to continue to play a big role in producing. There is likely to be a merge of broadcast and IPTV.
  • In Europe, there is a keen focus to develop in the areas of: Machine Translation (MT), User Experience (UX), and Big Data.
  • Subtitling is becoming a language technology business rather than editorial. Greater levels of interest and innovation in technology will lead to greater quality and lower cost.
  • The industry is aiming for interoperability by 2020 (if not before) to ensure no technological barriers to access exist.
  •  Two interesting ideas/questions raised:  Will access services start to go into/become a part of the production process for audio-visual content? Will we start to see closed signing?

How to achieve all of this:

  1. Talk to end users more.
  2. Deal with the complexity. (interoperability)
  3. Different jobs will be created by new technology, but we still need humans to provide access.
  4. Regulators are not always the answer and can get it wrong. Target the businesses to provide access.
Animated gif of the hoverboard from the film Back To The Future

Personally I’m still waiting for the hoverboard.