Subtitles to learn a second language – resources

A lot of viewers to this blog are using search terms that seem to relate to using subtitles to learn a second language so depending on feedback I get I may later change this blog post into a page for reference in the future.  My question is how many good resources are there on the web that help with this? Of course anyone can watch a DVD and/or download a subtitle file in the language they are trying to learn but what about other resources?

Here are some I have found to date. I cannot vouch for their usefulness since I am not using any to learn a language but I have included them because they offer something extra than just a subtitle file.

Audio Verb

An interesting website for learning Chinese.

A screen shot of the Audio Verb website

Audio Verb website

Clip Flair

Clip Flair describes itself as Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Captioning and Revoicing of Clips. It is an online tool that allows users to create clips, revoice them, and subtitle them. The video below demonstrates how it works. (Note: there is no audio dialogue on this video)

Anyone learning English as a second language that is also a music lover might want to check out the musicESL You Tube channel and the website MusicEnglish for collections of subtitled music videos. If music is not your thing then Voice of America (VOA) has captioned You Tube videos for viewers to learn American English and much more with captioned news reports that are read at a slower speed.

If anyone else knows of any good online resources please comment and share. Thanks!