Just wanted to share this piece of work, that uses ‘Talktitles’ – creative subtitles added to classic scene from a classic movie. What do you think?

TX Creative P1

As I was looking for some good looking (and free) fonts I happened to stumble upon Lev Berry’s online graphic design portfolio. Not only did I find an awesome free font called Monstre, inspired after hand painted lettering from 1882 (I highly recommend it to anyone who likes playing with fonts). I also found a very interesting concept called Talktitles which is described by Berry as “kinetic and emotive subtitles created by unique type expressions, allowing the viewer to feel how the line was delivered”.

Here’s a demo showing how Talktitles works:


I’m sure that I’m not the only person that turns on the subtitles when they’re watching a movie. I’m always afraid that if I don’t have the subtitles enabled, I will miss important parts of the dialogue. However, by doing so, I miss some of the perhaps more important action and interaction in the film. Berry has…

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