Festival Of The Spoken Nerd – subtitled comedy

Last week I attended an event captioned by STAGETEXT but this time it wasn’t a play but live comedy. Consequently rather than scripted and cued captions being used, the comedy event called Festival Of The Spoken Nerd was captioned live by a stenographer. To get an idea of the comedy show style watch this clip:

What was great about the event was that there was very much an element of audience participation both on stage and through the use of smart phones and Twitter. I think it is the first time I have ever been in a theatre and been encouraged to keep my mobile phone switched on and use it! As a result I was able to capture some great moments that were unique to this particular gig. Because it was captioned the Festival Of The Spoken Nerd cast sometimes spoke about and interacted with the live captions appearing above their head:

Later on in the show the stenographer Kate was made part of the show with the use of a video camera that recorded her typing away and displaying this on screen:

It was such a refreshing change to see technology being used for access celebrated and then being integrated into the show. There were no complaints, everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoyed it. Captioning aside, the show is both funny and fascinating. I’ve not seen anything like it before. This was the first comedy I have ever had the pleasure of attending that has been captioned live for audience and I certainly hope it is not the last. I would love to see more.

Caption users are needed for STAGETEXT film. If you are available on May 7th and can get to London, why not help STAGETEXT promote the services it provides by taking part in the film.