Fajri’s Take on Subtitling – How To Make The Subtitles

Here’s an interesting blog post written by someone working in the industry. This post covers process of creating translation subtitles and the journey from translating text to delivering a subtitle file to a broadcaster.

Fajri's Little Journal

Have you ever wondered how the texts on your favorite TV series, movies on cinemas, anime you watched on your PCs, YouTube videos you streamed, even on LED screen in an opera (some people told me that there are subtitles in operas too) displayed? I mean, subtitles aren’t magically appearing out of nowhere. People made them, or even, are still making them up until now for you who don’t understand the language spoken/written and for you who have a problem in hearing. Now, how do they make these subtitles? On this blog post, I’m going to give some insight regarding the trades in this field, especially on how do we make them.

How do you make the subtitles?

There are various methods and ways to add subtitles to the certain materials. For YouTube videos, you can make them by using the CC feature on the video (personally, I don’t really…

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