i heart subtitles – Now on tumblr – Capturing closed captions and the animated gif


As an extension to this blog, much like twitter, I decided to join tumblr. Why? In part to extend potential reach but also because tumblr has become a popular place for publishing and sharing screen grabs of closed captions and subtitles. It’s a fascinating use of a feature originally designed to create access. Online, it seems many are using the feature to communicate to friends and followers a favourite scene from a movie or TV show. A picture paints a thousand words, but it seems to communicate the message even more if you screen grab a picture with its dialogue by turning on the closed captions or subtitles. Here are just a sample of some of the tumblr blogs on this topic:


Equally popular, if not more so, is blogging and sharing animated gif’s (though some say it is dying out in popularity despite the word GIF being 2012’s Oxford American Dictionary Word of the Year). The animated GIF has been around for years but in its more recent years it has been used to capture video clips. Converting these clips to an animated GIF and adding captions has become a popular way of expressing emotion or opinion in blogs. As a format GIF files don’t support audio and so the text has to be added if the dialogue is to be captured. I really enjoy this form of communication because it is completely accessible to me. I am sure you have come across many examples of this in social networking (maybe you use them yourself!) and one of my favourites is MYLIFEISDEAF from a blogger using animated gifs to express emotions and life experiences as a cochlear implant user and succeeds brilliantly. Perhaps in a way that is better than just the written word. What do you think?

So if your are on tumblr follow me! I shall reblog and blog gems I find of this sort there.

EDIT: Interesting to note, 3 days after I posted this, came across an article explained that the animated GIF might be coming to Twitter. Good/bad?