Universal blu-ray DVDs – uHear™

Looking at my blog stats I can see which of my posts have received the biggest number of hits, and the search terms being used that bring people to my blog. By a long shot the most popular post and term is something I had to research myself and couldn’t find much on when I blogged about it over a year ago, and that is Universal blu-ray DVD featured called uHear™. Turns out its not actually that complicated a thing. It is a feature that allows viewers who might not always have the subtitles or closed captioning turned on to “rewind” the blu-ray DVD they are watching by 15 seconds and the subtitles will display. The idea being this featured would be used by hearing people who can’t make out the dialogue for certain scenes.

Universal now have an explanation of this feature and how to use on their website:

Experience BD-Live – uHear – Universal Studios Home Entertainment Hi Def.

You can see my original post on this here. I would like to say I have used it but then I have the subtitles on all the time and so I never need to rewind to hear the dialogue! It is nice to see that something provided for access reasons its being marketed at another audience.