Misheard lyrics, Gangnam Style, and Coldplay subtitled

Sharing this amusing video found on another WordPress blog. It is a collection of music videos edited together and subtitled to its misheard lyrics. Who hasn’t misheard a lyric or two? (There is also a website dedicated to this very subject). A warning, it might be difficult to “un-hear” these lyrics once you’ve watched the video!

Music Monday #73

Misheard song lyrics. Some are better than others and there are a few where I thought the subtitles were the real lyrics anyway (I’m not the best when it comes to stuff like that) Read More

via Bite me Charlie

Sticking with ‘fun’ and moving on to K-Pop. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen or heard Gangnam Style yet? It’s interesting that a music video has become the most liked You Tube video according to the Guiness Book Of Records, and has gone on to win Best Video at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. Perhaps because music is universal? Or in this particular case, maybe its just the dance move! Despite that, if like me your Korean isn’t up to scratch and you are curious about the lyrics, how about watching subtitled translation? Viki has 23 language translations available here.

Whilst on the subject of music, I recently added a link to my blogroll on the right hand side —> to a blog dedicated to subtitled music videos to use as an educational resource. It’s called Music English and has a decent collection of accurately subtitled music videos to choose from which is growing all the time. I have contributed by subtitling some music videos myself using Amara (previously called Universal Subtitles). If this is something that appeals to any readers why not join the Music Captioning team. At some point I may collate the videos I have subtitled and share them here but you can find most of them on the aforementioned blog. And as a final note to this blog entry, I am really pleased to see what looks like a screenshot of upcoming Coldplay DVD menu, and it has subtitles! (Incidently one of the music videos I have subtitled is a Coldplay song)

Coldplay Live 2012

Yes! Music with subtitles, more like this please 🙂

SOURCE: Coldplay – Instagram.

If this is the case, I will be making a purchase 🙂