Hearing people – it’s time to give subtitles a chance

Hearing people – it's time to give subtitles a chance.

You may well have read this blog post already but I wanted to re-blog because it a sentiment I very much agree with. It is often the case that people forget subtitles are available for TV content – that is apparent on Twitter where I’ve read comments such as “this show needs subtitles” – more often than not its a case of turning them on!

I am grateful that cinemas in the UK have opted for open subtitles (this is not the case in other countries precisely because they are not popular with the average hearing movie goer, or to put it another way has been considered to have a negative effect on cinema ticket sales). Whilst I accept that these subtitles are not everyone’s cup of tea, I do think that the more people are exposed to them the more accepting they might become of them. This is true of my hearing flatmate who now always has them switched on regardless of whether I am watching or not. So I live in hope!