Subtitles to promote a product

Before the main feature, cinema goers in the UK are used to seeing a trailer that reminds the audience not to ruin the movie for everyone by remembering to switch off your mobile phone. These are created by the mobile phone network Orange. There have been many versions over the years, often humerous and tied in with an up and coming movie release. The latest is no exception. And it is relevant to this blog because it uses subtitles in a creative and funny way. It overwrites the original French subtitles to a film with new and incorrect (but funny) English subtitles:


Potiche as subtitled by Orange to promote it's own product!

The latest advert…features a tie-in with Potiche, an upcoming French comedy featuring cinematic legends Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve. Billed as the ‘French feel-good film of the year’, acclaimed independent film ‘Potiche’ represents the ad series’ first break from blockbusters and details the triumphs of a former trophy wife who takes the reins of the family business when her husband is taken hostage – that is, until Orange get their hands on the subtitles.
With the use of clever editing of the French film’s subtitles, Orange succeeds in disrupting the sophisticated French fare with over the top branding and impeccable comic timing that makes mobile phones the hot topic of conversation.

The above is a section of the official press release which you can read here. Watch the full advert below: