CCAC – Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning

If you visit this blog via the homepage then you may have noticed this logo sitting on the right with the letters CCAC. Go look —>

If you wondering why this blog isn’t always updated, part of the reason is I’m busy reading and contributing when I can to the CCAC mailing list which is full of information on all kinds of captioning events, products, services, campaigns  – you name it – from across the globe.  It’s members contribute to a great amount of shared knowledge and experience whether in advocacy, experience in using/relying on captions or the technology that can bring captioning to life.  The CCAC has just created a You Tube channel and needs your help:

I’m going to get my thinking cap on, I share most of my thoughts on the topic here on this blog but how to make it in video form…. its a challenge. I’ll get back to you on that. I hope others contribute too!