Time flies when your er, busy

Hello readers. I hope I’ve still some left. There has been a slight hiatus from the posts here and I don’t think I can attempt to summarise the last 3 months of news and views in subtitling and captioning other than to bullet point some of the good stuff that immediately pops into my head:

  • In the UK you can now get subtitles with some content on ITV player – hurray! For those unaware – this is an online catch-up service to watch programmes from ITV much like (BBC iplayer, 4oD, Demand 5)

Coronation Street with subtitles via ITV player online

Since my last post here there has been a big global televised event – the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.  I sat down to watch the live TV coverage with some of the best live subtitling I’ve seen in recent years. How to maintain that standard always?  It was great to see (on another note, all those lip readers hired for the coverage to attempt to translate what was being said at the wedding. How do I get that job? 😉 Which brings me to my next bullet point:
  • According to a tweet from VITAC captions over 125 hours of captioned royal wedding footage was covered over 10 TV networks. That’s insane!
  • You either love it or hate it but Eurovision is a yearly TV event that is made all the more entertaining by the availability of subtitles and it was broadcast live yesterday across various countries.  Aside from adding to the entertainment factor (especially if a song lyric translation from one language to another doesn’t quite make sense) subtitles are a huge access provider in allowing deaf and hard of hearing viewers follow the audio commentary for which there are no visual clues to help. In the UK the BBC red button interactive subtitles allow for a sing-a-long version too!
And if those last two bullet points in particular are not to your taste, hopefully future posts will be.