[applause] = conspiracy! aka #applausegate

Well this has to be one of the oddest controversies (if you can call it that. A more accurate description would be misunderstanding) surrounding closed captioning I’ve ever witnessed come to fruition on the internet. If you could closed caption my non verbal audio described closed captioned response it would read:

[stunned silence]

It seems a speech made by President Obama in Arizona was captioned in real-time and that right-wing blogger Jim Hoft observing this has taken the audio description of the audience’s reaction captioned as [APPLAUSE] to actually be some sort of conspiracy to instruct the audience to applause! (and presumably therefore make Obama look good? Who knows. It’s bonkers!) There is nothing credible about this article worth quoting but for the purpose of understanding the controversy you can read the blog post here. The anger of some of the comments! Wow! Thankfully Media Matters have attempted to clear this mess of a post explaining to the author what it is he is looking at – closed captioning. Make sure you read it here.

Who knew closed captioning could get so controversial and political!

EDIT: This photo posted on a blog as a response to the above made me laugh. Enjoy!