Why cinema should be captioned and more fun subtitles

Apologies for the lack of embedded video clips in this post – I can’t get all of them to work so make sure you click the links…

First up, a (humourous) example of why everyone can benefit from captions at the cinema.

I’ve yet to watch the Coen Brother’s latest movie True Grit, but unless I can find a screening here in the UK with subtitles, I don’t think I’ll be going if this tongue in cheek translation is anything to go by. Jeff Bridges what on earth are you saying?!

Thankfully CaptionFish have an accurate translation of the True Grit trailer online – watch it here.

And from movies, to music… just for fun… from a performance last year on the UK X Factor TV series. Here is a performance from Diane Vickers. But what are those lyrics your singing Diane?! Here’s one translation:

And a full translation attempt – embedding is disabled so click to watch.