More subtitles as art

As a follow up to this post, I discovered  the work of artist Jason Bryant.   One of his pieces of work is Rubric, a series of four paintings with added subtitles with a twist:

Based on source images of iconic black and white stills from classic Hollywood films like The Wild One (1947) starring Marlon Brando, and Bringing Up Baby (1938) starring Katharine Hepburn and Carey Grant, Bryant builds canvases that evoke a dramatic, cinematic format. He then adds subtitles to the bottom of the composition, creating dissonance between the overall image and the meaning of the copy. These subtitles are either of Bryant’s own creation or plucked from the cultural landscape of song lyrics and movie dialogue ultimately changing the complexion of the original film still.

SOURCE: Juxtapoz Magazine

In an interview with NY Arts magazine, Bryant explains his purpose in using different subtitles:

“My love for film has always carried over into my work, so with this series I used film stills from the 1940s and 50s, like Crisis and Bringing Up Baby, and cropped them to enhance the cinematic narrative and add a bit of mystery to the figures in the paintings. I wanted to take these images a bit further to bring the viewer in, so I created my own subtitles to talk about and explore modern-day issues. I’m not trying to change a person’s perspective, but by seeing a recognizable image that draws the viewer in, and combining that with the subtitles, I offer a new way of perceiving the familiar. In a sense, I re-edit the past, and inject it into a modern way of dealing with things. I really like working with images from this time in film because it was a less diluted form of today, a purer form of life and film. When I add the subtitles to these images it blatantly states something contemporary and pulls the film into today.”

SOURCE: NY Arts magazine

What do you think? I’m a movie fan so I like the source material:

Rubric by Jason Bryant, adds subtitles to a series of paintings

Rubric by Jason Bryant, adds subtitles to a series of paintings

A not so artistic, but similar thing is being done for fun online.  Taking screen grabs from a movie  DVD  and imposing subtitles from an entirely different movie on top to the scene.  It can lead to some pretty funny results although it often relies on the reader understanding where both sources are from for the joke to be understood.  If your curious there are ten pages worth over at Something Awful.  Enjoy!