Cee Lo Green – Fuck You – Providing access to music

Last Sunday a brand new no 1 single hit the UK charts in the form of Cee Lo Green’s  track titled Fuck You.  This release came about after he posted a video which became a viral hit on You Tube.  You may have seen it already. If not, your missing out on a great but simple idea in which the lyrics to the song are creatively displayed via animated text that moves in sync with the singing.  Check it out below:

Briliant. If I had my way all music videos would have similar subtitles available for those of us that like to have them and read the lyrics. It is both creative and provides greater access. But it doesn’t stop there. Cee Lo had the insight to also provide translated versions in Spanish and German. A great way to widen his audience to non-English speaking so they too can enjoy the translated lyrics.



But it doesn’t end there. The viral nature of this video means people have created there own versions. Whitney decided to respond with the other side of the story in this relationship – again using animated text that sync’s with her singing:

DeStorm decided to change the lyrics to comment on the perils of social media – it is very funny – check it out:

However my favourite come from Inverse Phase – if you are a retro gaming fan you will love this. Here’s the explanation of his parody:

So what’s going on here? Well, the year is 1990. You’ve finally gotten a Genesis (or a Mega Drive, I suppose) from the toy store and your Nintendo has begun to collect a fair bit of dust. If it could talk (or sing) to you, what would it be saying right now?

PS. Sorry I couldn’t fit a “blast processing” joke in. Couldn’t get it to flow quite right.

Now watch the video:

What a refreshing change that this music and the lyrics are being celebrated, changed, reworked without any issues of copyright. And it’s become a UK No. 1 hit – people have bought the song! Are you reading this record companies? So the next time you don’t provide lyrics to a subtitler for copyright reasons – remember this example as a way to (1) get sales (2) provide access and therefore a greater audience for your song.

In case your wondering, the radio friendly version of this song is called Forget You – should’ve been Funk You 😉