Subtitles – not for the HOH but for the LOL!

Subtitles can be funny, sometimes through mistakes, other times through creativity. Mike Sutton better known on the interwebz as @buffalax has creatively subtitled music videos not with a language translation but with what he thinks they are saying if it was sung in English.  It matches the comic visuals of the video and the two combined (I think) make for a great comedy effect:

It has proved popular enough to enter the Urban Dictionary:

1. Buffalax
The art of taking an Indian (or any other non-english) music video and giving it subtitles for what it sounds like in English.
mike: “did you check out the new buffalaxed Indian music video for thriller?”
mark: “is it anything like Benny Lava’s buffalaxed music video?”

Want more? Visit buffalax’s You Tube channel.

And in the case of  this next video, this toddler seems to have grasped the skill of preaching before the ability to make a coherent sentence. It’s pretty impressive, and also very funny thanks to the attempt to translate via the subtitles.

If you’ve seen any more subtitles for the LOL! comedy please share 🙂  And if you liked these, please comment on this blog post – I love comments almost as much as I love subtitles. Thanks 🙂