How much of a fan are you?

Now it goes without saying that I love subtitles hence the name of this blog. But on Twitter this week I discovered that Clint (Twitter username: @cdwinebrenner)  felt the same way and has gone a step further. He told me he has tattoo’s on the subject!  He has kindly let me share the photos on this blog:

”]Closed Captioning logo

For those unfamiliar with the image, the tattoo replicates the most commonly used Closed Captioning logo (designed by Jack Foley) which is primarily used in the USA to indicate that subtitles are available:

Closed Captioning Symbol designed by Jack Foley

Closed Captions Symbol

In reference to being hard of hearing on the other side Clint (@cdwinebrenner)  has this tattoo:


What it can be like if you are deaf or HOH

Pretty cool huh? (see what I did there? 😉 )

This is definitely the first time I’ve come across a subtitles/closed captioning related tattoo but it makes we wonder if there are any more out there? Would you get one done?  (For the record, I’m too scared of the pain for *any* kind of tattoo)