You Tube Subtitling/Captioning

If only more people did this.  This is a shout out to anyone who uploads content to You Tube.   Please consider writing a transcript of said video.  You Tube are trying to make it easier for you.  In the same way that Google is using speech recognition technology to automatically add captioning to videos uploaded to You Tube, it can automatically time stamp a transcript you upload. If anyone has done this, tried it – would love to hear your feedback.  It has to be said that the speech recognition automated subtitles has some way to go – for complete accuracy you need a human being listening and doing the audio translations.

Here is an entertaining and informative video explaining how to add subtitles to your You Tube video (which also adds the transcript):

If you don’t want to create a subtitle file using a text editor this is one alternative I have found. It’s a free resource called VideoCritter that allows you to add subtitles/captions to any You Tube video via playback to create the subtitle file. Watch the video below:

Also from Google and free to use is Caption Tube, though you will need to a google account to sign in with.

There are many more resources which I will share as and when I discover them. Get captioning!/subtitling!