3D Subtitles

So, 3D Movies with subtitles for the hearing impaired. This is something I’ve yet to experience as a cinema goer. I have yet to watch a 3D subtitled screening movie. The one exception being the Navi’ subtitles in the wide release of Avatar 3D. Like the rest of the effects it was impressive and most importantly the subtitles did not get in the way of the action on screen. Avatar was not the first 3D cinema release to be subtitled – that honour goes to Disney’s A Christmas Carol in December last year. In the UK this was achieved by taking the standard 2D subtitles created by ITFC and rendered in to 3D format. This technology is something that Technicolor are working on in preparation for 3D TV. For what is relatively new technology, it should be applauded that subtitling is not being forgotten about. I just wish this was also the case for other media – online, and legal downloads. That is for another post…

Oh before signing off this post – In case you are not aware – you can find all UK cinema listing for subtitled movies or audio described movies at Your Local Cinema, or if your in the USA check out Caption Fish. Please comment if I am missing out other useful resources. perhaps for other countries?